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Did You Know That If Your Home Sold
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You May Be Owed Money?
Real Estate Has A Vast Number Of Categories Most People Are Unaware Of.

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Present, Future, And Past Investments.

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If you received this website or video it is most likely because you, a friend, or a relative lost their home to a foreclosure or tax sale and may have overages. (Surplus Funds)
  •  1. We need to verify we are speaking with the previous owner.
  •  2. We need to personally go over the process and what's expected.
  •  3. At that point you will be able to determine if we are a good fit for you.
Quick Education

What Are Surplus Funds And Who Can Receive Them?

Surplus Funds, Overages, Excess Funds, Excess Proceeds, Unclaimed Funds

Foreclosure Sale

Most foreclosure sales provide overages at auction. Ex: The homeowner owes $100,000 to the bank. Investor buys property for $150,000. There is $50,000 over the amount owed referred to as an overage or surplus funds.

Tax Sale

Tax sale auctions or sheriff sales are when the county sells your property because of tax delinquencies. Ex: You owed $2,500 in back taxes and an investor buys your property for $77,500. The overage or excess proceeds are $75,000.

State Statutes

Every state has a statute that determines what happens in situations where there may be an overage on a sale. Click the link to see your statute.  

Ready When You Are

Most Counties Have A Redemption Period And The faster We Get Started The Sooner We Can Meet Their Deadlines.

Our Process.
We Try To Keep Things Simple!

Through Helping thousands of people save their homes from foreclosure we developed a system. 

We use that same simple system with small changes to obtain your surplus funds.

Initial Consultation

A couple of questions to help us understand your past, how are you presently, and the best way to serve your needs.


When you feel it is time to move forward your local, mobile, or online notary can assist us with verifying you are the previous owner.

Filing Paperwork

Every county has similar processes but some use different forms. We stay abreast of the changes and make sure we get it right the first time.
No Worries! 
We have You Covered!

No Upfront Fees

We only get paid after our job has been completed. We handle all costs on our end even if you are unable to be assisted.

Weekly Updates

Every week there is a call at your convenience to share with you the process of your file and any needed items that may be requested to move forward.

3 Ways To Receive Funds

  1. Wired into your checking or savings account.
  2. MoneyGram or Western Union.
  3. Certified check by mail.

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